How might the kids have struggled with a normal life after they returned from Narnia?

THE WAY tells the story of Fin and Aadhya, residents of a Minneapolis suburb, and friends and neighbors since birth.  Shortly before their thirteenth birthday, they were tricked by a mysterious girl into traveling to the magical world of Lorithal, filled with unearthly flora and fauna, and ruled over by Sirran, an evil overlord.  For almost thirty years they lived there, escaping slavery, falling in love with each other, having children, and leading a rebellion to overthrow Sirran.

The book, however, begins as the two find themselves back to Earth, returned to their twelve-year-old bodies moments after they had left.  They are confused and disoriented, and soon begin having dreams and visions of the life they left.  As the dreams and visions become more vivid, they turn from wondering about reality to longing for the other world.  While they realize these dreams are actually memories, they also must deal with parents, and middle-school life, who conspire to keep them apart.  They struggle to find a way back, both to each other, and to the daughter and son they abandoned in Lorithal.

"They Way" is a work in progress.  This is the first volume of a trilogy that will be both fantasy and urban fantasy.