“. . . and when Pandora opened her box,

the Nosoi issued forth, spreading the pestilence of Zeus

across the realms of men. . . . “

In the summer of 2015, a clandestine operator from the future wakes up in a dark alley with no clothes, no hair, and no memory.  While recovering under guard in a nearby hospital, she is haunted by visions of life in her wasteland of a future and of a mission she cannot remember.

Meanwhile, Karen McTavish is sent by the CIA on her first field assignment to St. Petersburg, Russia, where she stumbles onto a plot to launch a biological attack in the United States.  She races against the clock to stop a global apocalyptic pandemic, but can’t shake the feeling there’s something familiar about the threat.

As the lives of these two women collide, they struggle to find common ground before it’s too late to avert the end of civilization.

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What is it?

FLIGHT OF THE NOSOI is a 110k word speculative thriller where Terminator meets Jason Bourne meets Hanna.  Its strong female protagonists will appeal to fans of Sarah Conner, the faceless Arya, Jessica Reel, or other supremely competent heroines.

While "Nosoi" is a complete story, there are hooks and off-ramps built in that could connect it to multiple sequels.

An early draft of “Flight of the Nosoi” was a Members' Spotlight on Penguin’s (no defunct) Book Country in 2014 (under the working title “Paradox”).


What are others saying about Nosoi?

"Imaginative, provocative and utterly engaging, Flight of the Nosoi drew me in from the get-go. Whitaker has sensitively drawn credible male and female characters and his story is filled with compelling twists and turns. I loved the Minneapolis-St. Paul backdrop. too. The book is a page-turner – I didn’t want it to end!" -- Tina Cavitt, author and biographer, Cavitt Productions