THE WAY is a 120k words adult urban portal fantasy that focuses a man and woman who are faced with reliving their own youth while adjusting to regular life in a world that is no longer their own.

Fin and Aadhya are normal 7th graders when they enter the haunted mansion.  When they come out, they are something more, something they don’t understand.  Their next few weeks are invaded by visceral visions and dreams — of the births of their children, of magic and dragons, of the struggle to survive and return home.  They also begin to show burgeoning abilities and knowledge earned through having lived a full life in another world.

However, their middle-school friends don’t understand their new capabilities, their parents don’t accept their sudden maturity, and they struggle to even talk to each other.  Worse, they come to suspect that they sacrificed their own children just to return home to a society intent on keeping them apart.  In the shadow of these traumas, they must overcome their younger selves and make a decision.  Should they stay with the families they lost once before, or return to the one they left behind?  If they can find a way.

"They Way" is a work in progress.  This is the first volume of a trilogy that will be both fantasy and urban fantasy.